First time?

There are many questions the first time visitor may have. Let's see if we can answer a few of those. If you still have questions, please call, text or email us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

  1. How Long is the Service? 45 - 60 minutes with service ending approximately 12:00 noon. If we are having one of our monthly fellowship dinners we invite you to stay and enjoy and meal and get to know us better. Didn't know we were having a dinner or bring anything? There is always plenty of food for everyone!!
  2. What if I have Children? We have some wonderful and loving people that work with our children in our Sunday School, Children's Church and the Nursery. For peace of mind, all who work in our children's department have a background check completed. You prefer to keep your children with you? We are happy to have them in the service with us as well! Looking for the Nursery? We have adult and teen workers there to watch your children so you may enjoy the service.
  3. What is our Service Like? We have a great mixture of new praise and worship music along with some of the good old hymns. Something for everyone here at Griffin First.
  4. How Should I Dress? Whatever you would wear for work or school. We want you to be comfortable whether it's jeans or shorts. We are here to share the love of Jesus and He accepts us how we are!